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I am a Sr. Process Engineer in the Lithography group at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR. I am the primary owner of critical development and production equipment, and I employ data driven and programatic solutions to drive improvements to yield and throughput.

I receveived my doctorate from the Materials Science & Engineering Department at the University of Washington, Seattle and was a member of the Krishnan Research Group. I also worked in collaboration with Dr. James Evans of Pacific Northwest National Lab. My research focused on nanoparticle synthesis, surface conjugation, cell interactions, and material fate in vitro. The goal of my research was the safer preparation and use of nanomaterials in biomedical applications as more and more interesting techniques and treatments are developed.


University of Washington

Materials Science & Engineering Department
Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
Physics & Optical Engineering Department


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